I take you to a place, pandora Rala explora, palace like im dora I'm sorta, unbalanced on the sofa Tortas, seafood civiche. shit I let my stomach sort-up I'm tore up. still screaming one love My tesla custom, I think that I'm Nicoli, sort-of the world, issa a mystery. i throw my hands up

at ideological views, from adults and youths All gold everything Trinidad, or the scrouge

That thang go quack, quack, quack and you duck, duck, goose All they care about the train is the head and caboose I want to know the content and who put the hens up to roost Who make the car with the boost Fuck that, who take the engine out the car Then put a mad crazy one in, while they blow out the roof on a quest for balance and truth

you niggas dumb as a puppy ralla always gotta eat

and kill you niggas like buffy

I ride the beat like a huffy

my sprite a lil tussy If you down for a tussle watch out for Russle and dusty, my boys, yeah my boys they be bussin' Not tables: revolvers, any time, problem solvers You pop a pill and take off, um you stunting steve austin Like, you know you soft

but you swear that you saucin Like, you know you lost but you swear that you on it yo ass is grass put that boy in the coffin yo check is cashed baby I do this shit often pandora calling back the land it be callin brrrddppp _Ra

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